Front-runner of CNC Glass Machinery Manufacturer in China

Glassman uses advanced metal processing machines and top level inspection facilities to produce excellent CNC glass machinery to the customer all over the world.

Accuracy + Creativeness

Glassman-made CNC machinery undergo a fine calculation for every processing stage in production, as well offers users with the most friendly control panels.

Solution provider for glass processing technology.

Glassman-made machinery provides scientific and technological solution to fields such as home decoration, construction, electronics, automobiles, and etc.

Professional and Valuable

Based on three criteria, Glassman can actively and rapidly offers great value to our customers: a) well built global marketing network b) perfect management system c) abundant processing experience

Glassman Machinery (Beijing)

Glassman Machinery (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is located in Beijing International Green Port District, Shunyi, where the logistic is convenient;

Customer ServiceSERVICE

CNC provides all the services in order to create more value to customers.

Our ProductPRODUCT

CNC Vertical Drilling and Milling Machine (GM-BZX-VI)

Perfect Solution for processing Holes and Notches

CNC Engraving Machine (GM-BKH-II)

Perfect Solution to Engraving, Polishing

CNC Glass Working Center (GM-CNC-III)

Perfect Solution to External and Inner Grinding and Pol